Supply Chain Management

Fabricom Offshore Services are experts when it comes to delivering the complete supply chain service.  Our in-house procurement team can offer a full range of supply chain activities allowing us to provide custom-made solutions to suit all project and business needs.

We can facilitate both fast track and long lead procurement ensuring schedules and budgets are met whilst maintaining the highest levels of quality and safety.

Our services include:

  • Provision of technical data sheets and MTOs for equipment and material package enquiries
  • Identification of long lead items and delivery risks
  • Effective selection of suppliers from our multi discipline approved vendor list
  • Technical and commercial evaluation of quotations
  • Placement and administration of orders
  • Subcontract negotiation and management
  • Desk and field expediting
  • Materials management / material control
  • Handling of ‘free issue’ materials
  • Inspection services
  • Document expediting
  • Commercial management including cost and planning

Supplier Selection

By utilising only suppliers from our approved vendor list, we can ensure that standards always remain high.  Our suppliers are subject to periodic audits and inspections, with performance being evaluated at the end of every project.  The selection of suppliers for the tendering process is based on previous performance and the suitability to supply the required materials or equipment.  The tender process for each package is agreed in advance with the client and any bespoke project requirements are taken into account at this stage.

Productive Procurement

From identification of requirement through to delivery and receipt at site, our team of specialists ensure that all technical and budgetary requirements are met.  Inspection and expediting teams monitor progress, with reporting from all disciplines throughout, and at all times our systems are available for audit, ensuring complete transparency and the opportunity for client involvement.  Through robust internal procedures and continuous improvement we maximise value whilst focusing on positive end results.

Engineering Expertise

Working alongside the client, our engineering team will assist in identifying and specifying equipment and material requirements.  Technical data sheets and MTOs are produced to enable enquiries to be issued. The engineering team is also closely involved in the evaluation of tenders and review of documentation packages, ensuring accuracy and quality throughout.

Modern Systems

Fabricom Offshore Services use the latest Supply Chain Management software which enables tailor-made administration and reporting to suit client requirements.  Materials can be accurately tracked, deliveries received and invoices paid through this system, as well as Cost and Planning reporting as and when required.

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Jason Cordey

General Manager
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Jason Cordey, General Manager, Fabricom Offshore Services

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