Project Management

Our project management system is a comprehensive project delivery workflow framework covering every phase of a project life cycle, from the assessment phase through selection, definition, execution, handover and close out.

This system facilitates full control of all engineering, procurement and execution phases.  It ensures cost effective flexible management of multidiscipline large, small and ad-hoc projects with integrated
sub-systems for planning, progress reporting and forecasting, cost control and forecasting, HSE and quality control.  These activities and deliverables are tailored to each bespoke project as required.

Fabricom Offshore Services is a corporate member of the Association for Project Management (APM).

Planning and progress reporting

A schedule for work is prepared using the industry standard tool Primavera P6 version 8.2.  All deliverables will be logic linked in order to derive all critical paths.  Deliverables are typically scheduled at Level 4 detail and controlled individually using the master deliverables register.

Our progress reports include the following:

  • Planned and actual % progress – in period and cumulative
  • Man hours planned, expended and achieved – in period and cumulative
  • CPI and SPI – cumulative and movement in period
  • Progress S curves
  • Resource levels – current and forecast
  • Project dashboard

Each man hour summary provides up to date information relating to budgets, man hours, expected to date, planned and actual progress, cost performance and schedule progress performance, forecasted and final account and variance in the period.

Cost management

Our cost reporting provides the following:

  • Actual expenditure
  • Forecast expenditure, phased in line with the project programme
  • Variations submitted and agreed
  • Estimate at completion, recognising savings, efficiencies and change

We provide full cost reporting, containing a detailed cost phasing plan.  This phasing will cover forecast and actual spend against man hours, procurement, 3rd party specialists, offshore allowances and expenses.  The report also provides an up to date forecast final account which is adjusted on a monthly basis to reflect any change.

Change management

Operating a robust change management system we ensure all identified changes are controlled, evaluated and approved prior to being instigated.  This provides visibility to all parties of negative and positive growth and any impact to original budget and schedule.

Risk management

The project manager has ultimate responsibility to manage risk.  A risk mitigation plan is produced for all work to remove or mitigate any risks identified.  Each new engineering design or project will initiate an impact study on all current asset tasks to ensure the latest request does not change activities already in design or construction.

Project health checks

Project health check reviews are carried out at regular intervals over the course of the project to provide early warning of any issues, allowing pro-active corrective actions to be instigated.

The Fabricom Offshore Services project management process ensures that all projects get the corporate support necessary to ensure their success and that emerging issues are identified and managed as early as possible.  To this end all projects being executed are subject to fortnightly and monthly project reviews.

Our project review covers the following:

  • Cost expenditure
  • Invoicing
  • Risks and opportunities
  • Resourcing
  • Customer relations
  • Change

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