Engineering and Detailed Design

Once project selection is concluded, Fabricom Offshore Services mobilise a project team dedicated to Front End Engineering Design (FEED) ensuring that there is a complete understanding of requirements.

We follow a comprehensive design process including process simulation, equipment and line sizing together with the production of piping and instrumentation diagrams (P&IDs), line lists and equipment datasheets. Interfacing with site personnel, construction engineering and plant operations personnel during FEED ensures that the project does not face delays during the detailed design, construction and commissioning phases.  The completed FEED package provides appropriate detail to support project approval or enquiry for detailed engineering and these FEED studies may also be utilised as the basis for bid enquiry to support competitive tendering.

The outputs from the FEED enable the client to prepare their decision support or stage gate package, in support of the business case and provides the project data on which a fully sanctioned and executable project will proceed.

Beginning the Process

One of the initial activities on the project requires the engineering team to review the Concept Selection Report. A project Basis of Design review meeting is then convened with the client to ensure that the requirements are fully understood. This provides assurances that the outcome will be a fit for purpose design that meets with the operational and functional requirements and is aligned with the client’s expectations.

Key activities and deliverables include:

  • Develop the functional specifications of the facilities to be built
  • Define capacities and performance requirements on a through life cost basis
  • Finalise the basis of design
  • Include operations, maintenance, HSSE and asset integrity requirements
  • Define the scope of work
  • Produce the execute stage project execution plan
  • Develop a risked cost estimate and a risked project schedule
  • Demonstrate that the range of likely outcomes is understood
  • Prepare contracting strategy
  • Scopes of work and tender lists
  • Tender the principal execute stage contracts – (award during the execute stage)
  • Status report for long lead item procurement
  • Identify key terms and conditions for commercial agreements
  • Ensure that the business case remains clear supported by economics, financial and commercial returns
  • Identifying key risks and opportunities
  • Updated project risk register
  • Project HSSE reports
  • Prepare the environmental and social impact assessment

Selecting the Right Technology

With process flow diagrams developed, Fabricom Offshore Services specifies the major equipment items.  Size, weight and cost implications of equipment are always considered and this has led to the specification of bespoke, market-leading, technologies such as inline separation devices.  To ensure that the optimum solution is developed and validated, we will prepare a technology plan, identify reference sites and undertake market surveys.  This will ensure that a validated process, based on the appropriate technology and equipment, forms the basis of the solution.

FEED development always considers the impact of the change on the existing asset infrastructure and the operational processes.  By working closely with approved vendors, Fabricom Offshore Services identifies all long lead items so that scheduling and planning can be integrated into the overall execution plan.  Early procurement is sought where such commercial commitment will protect the schedule or reduce shutdown and production outage durations.

Detailed Design

Fabricom Offshore Services provide a seamless transition from FEED into detailed design.  The multidiscipline team of engineers and designers deliver a fully defined suite of project deliverables to enable the project to move through the execution stage.

The areas and key activities provided include:

  • Design deliverables
  • Procurement
  • Fabrication – sub-contracted and managed
  • QA / QC inspection, expediting
  • Construction and commissioning support

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